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TEXAN GUNITE Texan Concrete Construction Solutions LLC
TEXAN GUNITETexan Concrete Construction Solutions LLC 

Our Story: How our company came to be. 

Texan Gunite is a dream come true of the owner Juan N. Armenta Jr.


Juan is originally from Ameca, Jalisco, Mexico and moved here to the United States in the 1970s along with his mother and 6 siblings. His older brother introduced him to Gunite in the late 70's while living in the San Fransico Bay Area of California. When the company he was working for relocated to Houston Texas in the early 80's, he as well as his young family moved with them. That company later became the company now known as Modern Method Gunite. He moved up to be a crew forman quickly and was there was there until 1999, for a total of almost 22 years.


In 1999 a business man in the pool plaster industry here in the Austin Texas area contacted Juan about starting a gunite company here in the Central Texas area. After much thought and prayer, Juan left Modern Method Gunite to pursue a dream of his, having ownership in a Gunite company. That Gunite company became known as  

Cen-Tex Gunite. Juan was co-owner of Cen-Tex Gunite from 1999-2008 and was also the vice president and field supervisor of this company. At the height of the company they were running 2-3 gunite crews and 1 shotcrete crew. In 2008 his business partner sold Cen-Tex Gunite as well as two other divisions (plaster and concrete) he owned to another person and this new company became known as Scofield Construction Services. Juan was no longer a co-owner but did stay on as vice president and field supervisor of the Gunite crews. 


In October of 2012, Juan was let go from Scofield Construction Services. Why you may ask? Someone heard something and went to the owner of this company with untrue, false, inaccurate information. At that time Juan was confronted by the owner and was let go due to rumors and lies. 


A couple of months prior to this, his son Juanjose had moved back to the Austin area from Houston along with his wife and 2 kids due to a full-time teaching position his wife got at one of the local colleges. Juanjose had helped his Dad start Cen-Tex Gunite in 1999 and worked in several areas over the years while attending college from driving a gunite mixer to scheduling and purchasing/ ordering.


After Juan was fired, he turned to his son about doing the one thing he had always wanted to do, own and operate his own gunite company. After months and months of research and meeting and discussions on how this company was going to operate and be funded, Texan Gunite was born. Texan Gunite become official in December of 2012 and began operations in April of 2013. Juanjose was the COO from 2012-2022 and recently has moved to another job in the Shotcrete industry. Now Juanjose assists them before and after hours and on the weekends. Juan and Maria Armenta are the sole owners of the company. Juan Sr. is in charge and oversees the field operations and Maria is in charge of the day to day operations of the company as a whole with the help of Juanjose. 


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