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TEXAN GUNITE Texan Concrete Construction Solutions LLC
TEXAN GUNITETexan Concrete Construction Solutions LLC 

What is used to make Gunite happen. 


Quality equipment and machinery make for a quality product. 

Here at Texan Gunite we use the best equipment available in our industry to achieve a superior product. Even more important than the equipment are our quality craftsmen and finishers that bring their years of experience to every job we do.

Volumetric Mixer Mobile Batch Plants 
Here at Texan Gunite we exclusively use VM-14 volumetric mixers from Strong Industries in Houston, Texas. These trucks deliver dry concrete sand and type 1 portland cement to the jobsite and with the use of a hydraulic driven auger the material is blended on site and dropped into a continuous feed delivery gunite gun. Each crew will have 2-3 of these trucks each and more if the pool is located far from our yard and or is large. We currently have 7 of these mixer trucks.

Air Compressor
Here at Texan Gunite we exclusively use Ingersoll-Rand/ Doosan 825 CFM compressors because they are most popular air compressors used for this type of application. These air compressors are ideal for generating enough air to run the delivery gun as well as move the material through the hoses. Each crew will have one of these air compressor rigs. We currently have 5 of these air compressors mounted on trucks.


Delivery Gun
Here at Texan Gunite we use the Putzmeister (formally Allentown) AG-15 gun for our delivery gun of choice.  It’s simple to operate and is able to deliver up to 15 cubic yards of material an hour. They are either driven by an air or hydraulic motor.  In February of 2017 we purchased 2 new Putzmeister AG15 to bring our total to 6 guns. Thank you to Bob Harmon who oversees the Shotcrete Technologies division and the rest of his team at Putzmeister for making this a reality. Pictured with our COO Juanjose is Nick Johnson. 


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