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Gunite Cost - What it all includes:

One of the most important factors of the pool industry and also of the pool contractor and their clients is pricing and cost. Let's take a closer look of what the cost of gunite from Texan Gunite all entails.


Like most gunite companies across the state, Texan Gunite charges its gunite by the cubic yard. Some other companies do charge by the ton or weight of the material, some others by the perimeter foot, and some others will piecemeal you a price (so much for just a pool, so much extra for a spa, so much extra for benches and steps and beach are, etc.)


Materials and fuel are an important factor as well in the overall cost per yard. For example, there was a $2 per ton increase in concrete sand (or 20%) from April 2015 to April 2016 and a $12 per ton increase in Type 1 Portland Cement (or 10%) for the same time period. Fuel has been fairly stable in the past couple of months (and about a year or so) which has helped with keeping increases to a minimum. With a rise in fuel (and petroleum-based products) do not be surprised that the price per yard could increase.


Skilled labor isn't cheap. We pay our employees a just and fair wage and they are all tax paying through W4/ payroll and not 1099 like some other gunite companies. With the continued shortage of skilled labor and CDL drivers, the cost of labor continues to rise and affects the overall cost of the gunite as well. 


The overhead cost comes into play as well. For example, each one of our mixer trucks have special weight permits and each are bonded to be on state highways and public roads and toll roads (our trucks are not permitted on any interstate loaded, only empty), we have two full time certified mechanics and yard hands, we carry all the appropriate insurances to operate as needed, and everything else imaginable from material to transport to equipment needed to keep us going and operating. 


Included in the price per yard are the following:

* 5-6 people per crew and transportation to get them there

* 1 air compressor truck rig with two gunite guns

* 2-3 volumetric mixer trucks per crew (will reload as needed) 

* all hands tools and finishing tools needed to do and complete the job

* Up to 35 miles of travel included (from our yard in Liberty Hill to location of the project) one way of loaded mixer trucks (after 35 miles there is a travel fee) 

* Tarps/polyethylene plastic to cover street and other parts of the yard/ house from gunite material and or other things.


Here are some other items that are at a cost and fees if applicable: 


Negative Edge and Catch Basin: depending on size, length and height plus yardage and pegboard sheets used. This fee is due to having to use extra time to put up pegboard and removing it, the amount of/ roles of tire wire used, having extra time for set up time for the gunite, and extra work and time in cutting of the wall and basin. This scope of work is above and beyond the normal amount of work needed for a "normal" pool and spa combo. 


Minimum Yardage Charge: - 24 yards or equivalent to 2 loaded trucks 


Spa - stand-alone or add-on/remodel: - with a crew of no more than 3, if a full crew is needed then the charge will be the minimum yardage charge. 


Pull-Offs: (plus mileage where applicable) this would occur if the crew goes to a project and the project isn't ready to be shot at the time of arrival, no access to water, steel and plumbing issues that can not be resolved in a few hours, no inspection, access issues, etc. Communication is the key to avoid this fee. 


Delay Fee: charged per hour. This will be applied if the crew has to pump water out of a pool, cleaning cave-ins, waiting for an issue of steel and or plumbing to be repaired, waiting on an inspector if already on project site, etc. 


Flash: flashing a project is usually done to the project right after excavation if the project is in an area where the dirt/ sand around it begins to cave in on its own and or could cave in because of rain. This includes up to 4 yards of material and 2-3 crew members. If more material is needed then the minimum charge will be applied. 


Pegboard: this will be charge per whole sheet (4ftx8ft) and no partials.


Extra Rolls of Polyethylene Plastic Sheeting: this will be charged per roll (12ftx100ft) and no partials. This is charged when we have to use more than what is allocated and or if the sheeting stays at the project.


2nd Crew/ 2nd Compressor and Gun Fee: this is applied when a 2nd crew and 2nd compressor and gun is used and needed to complete the job in a timely matter. This also depends on the size and location of the project.  


Insufficient Funds Check Return Fee: This fee will be charged if we received a check and the check is not able to be processed and deposited due to insufficient funds. Please note that we do report hot checks to Travis and Williamson County AND the county the check originated from if not from these two counties. 


Late Payment Fee:  A charge of $500 will be applied if payment has not been received after 15 days of completing the gunite plus 18% APR interest as well. This is applied to payments received between day 16 and day 30/31. After days 30/31 another $500 will be applied and every 30/31 days after that as well. WE ARE NOT A BANK OR FUNDING COMPANY, nor do we offer credit or financing. Please make sure you pay from the invoice. We do offer Lien Waivers and Releases only after payment is paid in full if needed.    






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