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Gunite General Specifications

Gunite as herein specified is a trade name used to designate a mixture of Portland cement and sand thoroughly mixed dry, passed through a cement gun and conveyed by air through a flexible tube, hydrated at a nozzle at the end of such flexible tube and deposited by air pressure in its place of final repose.

Unless otherwise specified, all dry shotcrete (aka gunite) shall be mixed at the minimum in the proportions of 1 part cement to 5 parts of sand based on dry loose volume. Otherwise stated, the compressive strength of gunite should be at a minimum of 2,500 P.S.I/ 17.24 MPa after 28 days of the gunite shoot. 



Only Portland cement of American manufacture complying with the current issue of “Standard Specifications for Portland Cement,” A.S.T.M. C-150-67 shall be used. Type I Portland cement shall be used unless specified in the detailed specifications.



Fine aggregates shall consist of washed sand and shall be hard, dense, durable, clean, sharp and graded evenly from fine to coarse in accordance with the “Standard Specifications for Concrete Aggregates,” A.S.T.M. Designation: C33-67. It shall be free from organic matter and shall not contain more than 5% by weight of deleterious substances.


Water used for hydration at the nozzle shall by fit for drinking and shall be maintained at a uniform pressure which shall be at least 15 pounds per square inch above air pressure at the nozzle. Water is supplied by the client at the site of the project. 

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